Video Cards and Online Bingo

Video Cards and Online Bingo

There’s a huge trend anymore and that’s
online gaming, no I’m not taking about MMORPGS and the FPS games, I’m
more talking about things like the ability to play games at (sign
up now
and Facebook games along
with pretty much any other browser based game. The title up there is
just an example, online bingo isn’t something I actually play, but
it’s an online browser based game, but I have to wonder how many
people actually buy video cards thinking about playing browser based
games? Do you need a top of the line video card for that type of
game? Personally I don’t think so, but again, I wonder how many
uninformed people think they do?



How many people out there spend $1,000
plus on a computer only to check their email and play online browser
based games
? Is it because we have to have the best of the best
even though we really don’t need it and aren’t going to utilize it?
Personally I like to play regular games and I like all the eye candy
turned on so I guess I do need a more up-to-date system. I also need
to have a computer with current gen parts in it for reviewing as
well, I can’t review the latest stuff if I can’t utilize it and how
it works in a ‘real world’ situation. I’m an exception really but if
it wasn’t for reviewing I wouldn’t really need a decent setup as one
from last year should be able to handle everything I do just fine.

I’ve known a few people that have
bought new systems because their current one was old. Their computer
still worked fine and did what they needed and wanted it to do, but
yet they felt compelled to get something new and shiny even though
they’re never going to fully utilize it. Do they really need a quad
core computer to play browser games, check their email, browse the
web and use iTunes? I don’t think so but they did and they went and
spent a couple thousand on a new computer system. I don’t get it…

Personally I don’t get the whole
browser based gaming thing, especially gambling. People get all
excited about poker and stuff and they’re like:

online bingo

yay, let’s go play and spend our hard
earned money. Then again it’s none of my business how you spend your
money or how you spend your time. Go for it, enjoy life and play


Do we really need to have the latest
and greatest to play browser games? No I don’t think so, but I think
a lot of people think they do to play something like online bingo and
that’s just sad. I hate to see people wasting their money on
something they really don’t need.