White Leather Sport Armband Arm Band for iPod NANO 4 Review

Hello, hello! Today I’ve got another product from our friends over at Budget Gadgets, it’s another iPod case but this one is for those of use that have a more physical lifestyle, it’s an armband style case so you can take you iPod nano 4th Generation with you while running or whatever activities you might be doing. And of course we’ve still got the discount code for you as well for 5% off anything on their site…



Product Name: White Leather Sport Armband Arm Band for iPod NANO 4

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: Budget Gadgets

Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info: 

White Leather Sport Armband Arm Band for iPod NANO 4

Size: 455x5x98mm or 17.91×0.19×3.86in

Net Weight: 21g or 0.74oz

Price: $3.22

The Review

The White Leather Sport Armband only came in a plastic bag, no special packaging to show you. It features a clear front so you can see the iPod easily, and a metal loop to pass the strap through for securing onto your arm. The stitching is prominent and it uses fairly thick thread so it shouldn’t come apart.

Overall it seems well made, it uses velcro to secure the strap to your arm which is common and easy to use. The strap is very long so it should easily fit most anyone, but being so long you may have some hanging around if you’ve got a smaller arm.

Your iPod slides in from the top, it’s a snug fit so the iPod should stay in place no matter what you’re doing. The bottom is only open for the headphone jack so you won’t be able to dock or charge your iPod once it’s in the case, the top is fully open as that’s where you slide the iPod in from.

Ok, here’s the discount information:

Code: KM5OFF2

Code is good for 5% discount off anything on the Budget Gadgets site, and considering their prices are already very low, it’s a good deal.

Summary and Comments:

The leather armband isn’t a bad product objectively, but personally it’s just not my style, it has a retro 70’s feel and look to it, and that’s just not me, I personally wouldn’t wear anything like this, but I’m sure other people out there would.

For the price, only a little more than $3, it’s worth it I think if you need something like this.

DragonSteelMods gives the White Leather Sport Armband Arm Band for iPod NANO 4 a 4.5 out of 5 score.


  • +Big enough to fit anyone
  • +Seems well made
  • +Inexpensive


  • -Can’t use with dock
  • -Can’t charge iPod while in case

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