Why Are They Called Slot Machines?

Online slots are the dominant genre at online casinos and they are responsible for most of the new releases. They continue to attract large crowds in brick-and-mortar locations, especially casinos, and appeal to players from all walks of life. When you play online, the name slot machine can sound a bit strange, as there is no obvious connection between these games and actual machines.

Early slots were basic gambling machines

To better understand the name slot machine you need to go back more of the century in time and consider the early games. These were large gambling machines with basic gameplay that created a game of chance for players to enjoy. Commonly referred to as one-armed bandits, they were popular in brick-and-mortar locations, such as bars and later on casinos.

The slot machine had a basic display and players were supposed to manually push a lever to start the game. Modern iterations are also available all over the world and even though the mechanics are more complex, the idea stays the same. These games retain the connection to the machine, are present in physical locations, and are operated using buttons or touchscreens.

Depending on the game they run, the regulatory body that oversees the process, and other factors, they pay more or less. Slot machines remain the most popular gambling method in most casinos and are responsible for a significant percentage of their income. The arrival of digital technologies has improved the gaming experience while providing players with more options to enjoy the games. You can read this strategy guide here to find some tips when playing online slots.

Slot machines are also known as pokies

If the name slot machine sounds awkward nowadays when most of the online slots have strayed away from the basic concept, pokies will puzzle you even more. This is how Australians and players from New Zealand refer to the games and the names also have their origins at the beginning of the 20th century. The early slots frequently had a poker theme, so players casually referred to them as pokies.

Fruit machines were also popular early on and they continue to fascinate players who gamble over the Internet. They don’t have a special name, but veteran players and those who spend a lot of time gambling sometimes referred to these online slots as “fruits”. The bottom line is that players stick to the names that they feel represent the modern slots, hence all these variations.

Software developers for online casinos have diversified their portfolios and the games available online have little to do with the originals. They have thousands of winning ways, and special game mechanics, such as bonus rounds and free spins. Evolution is the name of the game and the reason why slots remain the dominant genre more than 100 years after the first games were developed.