Why Should You Use a TFTP Server


The Trivial File Transfer Protocol (colloquially known as TFTP) refers to a simple file-sharing protocol that was initially designed to send files remotely from a client to a particular host over a network. Since its design is elegantly simple, TFTP is often preferred to implement the initial network booting stages. Earlier versions of Windows Operating System permitted users to share a variety of files with ease using Windows Homegroup. However, this feature was effectively removed in advanced Windows 10 updates, making it harder for individuals to share files over a network.


Gladly, there’s a wonderful solution in sight: the tftp server windows option allows users to transfer a variety of files quickly. This protocol is so reliable that many Windows users are regularly utilizing it to transfer a plethora of files and software over a network.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use a TFTP server:

  1. It transfers files quickly

We’ve all had trouble sending files over a network. Sure, there are a variety of techniques people use to send files, but these techniques are either expensive or unreliable. Delightfully, TFTP servers help to transfer files fast and efficiently, providing relief to thousands of individuals worldwide. The beauty of TFTP protocols is that you don’t require logins. It provides five commands that are easy to implement. You needn’t be an IT specialist to send files using a TFTP server.

  1. Allows you to boot computers without a disk/hard drive

In the past, PCs had to be booted using a disk or a hard drive. However, this booting technique is slowly becoming archaic, thanks to the advanced remote booting technologies spearheaded by configurations such as TFTP. Technicians don’t need to have a physical drive in order to boot a certain computer – they can simply access the booting programs from a remote host (via a TFTP server) and implement code efficiently. Clearly, the applications of TFTP transcend beyond mere file sharing.

  1. Upgrading system codes

Today, most organizations develop robust systems that are specially customized to meet the rising market demands. Coders and system developers often experience the challenge of designing flexible systems and software that can be upgraded with time. Luckily, they can conveniently use TFTP servers to upgrade codes to improve different systems in certain corporations. After all, every company desires to grow in leaps and bounds. Progress is paramount for any flourishing business. Therefore, working with TFTP servers will help you to upgrade critical codes later on.

  1. It can be used to backup network configurations

Every network is unique in its own right. However, certain events can severely affect your network configuration, causing you tremendous frustrations in the process. But when push comes to shove, you can always rely on unique TFTP servers to backup your network and router configuration files. This way, you’ll be prepared in case something unprecedented occurs. Sadly, hackers are frequently finding more advanced ways to infiltrate networks and intercept crucial data. You should always use appropriate firewalls to avoid hacking incidents from ever happening to you.

These few reasons highlight why you should frequently use a TFTP server.