Wooden USB Memory Strap 2GB Thumbdrive

Got Wood? USB drives come in all shapes and sizes and most have that cold technological look to them, while that’s nice for what the product is, sometimes it’s nice to add a bit of a more natural touch to things techie… When people think of technological related items they think cold, metal, shiny, flashy, noisy etc, but sometimes it’s nice to get back to our roots…

Today for review I’ve got a USB drive that doesn’t look like a USB drive, it pretty much looks like a block of wood… Mahogany to be exact, and it looks nothing like one would expect a USB drive to look, it might even be considered a disguise for your drive to make people not want to steal it, a built-in anti-theft feature.

Anyway, I’ve always loved the look and feel of finished wood, there’s just something warm and natural about it in contrast with the cold technology I’m surrounded by most of the time. It might look nice but in regards to a USB drive looks aren’t everything are they? it needs to perform as well, so continue on to learn how it compares to some of today’s fastest USB drives…

Wooden USB Memory Strap 2GB Thumbdrive


Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor: Brando WorkShop



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Wooden USB Memory Strap from Brando WorkShop

Product Code: UMEMO001200

Wooden USB Memory Strap with built-in flash memory let you store your data and information. It can be a fashionable neck strap too! You can wear wherever you go and your data and information will be there whenever you need.

Price: US$32.00


  • -2 GB memory
  • -Made of wood
  • -USB 2.0
  • -USB self-powered, no external power is required
  • -Portable and easy operate
  • -Plug and play
  • -Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.0
  • -Dimension: 55x26x10mm (approx.)
  • -Weight: 13g

Package Contents:

  • -Wooden USB Memory Strap