Xclio Touch 787 Full Tower Case Review

Installing a System


I didn’t have any problems getting my EVGA P55 motherboard with Core i5 750 installed in the Touch 787. The mobo is a full ATX and once installed there’s still plenty of room to work. The board lines up perfectly with the included holes for routing your wires and there’s room to run the CPU power connection up the back of the motherboard tray and through a small hole to connect it to the mobo.



The hard drive mounting system is very unique in that you can mount four hard rive vertically on the sides. The rack of tray is hinged and even has a little built-in stand, it just opens up and folds down for very easy access.



Then you just push it back up and lock it into place and it’s done. The racks do include silicone grommets in the mounting holes to help keep the vibrations down from the hard drives. If four drives aren’t enough, you can add two more in the smaller cage at the bottom of the case. I use four drives myself so I only used the side racks, but it’s nice to know that I can expand if I need or want to.



The Touch 787 has plenty of room for large video cards as they’ll just slip between the side hard drive racks if need be. The largest card I used is the ATI 4890 and it’s a large card but they are larger ones out there of course, and they should fit with no issues.



There’s also plenty of room at the top of the case for large CPU coolers and there’s clearance there to work for connecting the CPU power and room for getting the motherboard mounting screws in as well. That’s one of my biggest complaint about cases these days, they don’t leave much room at the top to work, the Touch 787 has more than enough space to work comfortably.



The back of the motherboard tray also has plenty of clearance for you to hide your cables back there for a tidier case. There’s about 1.5cm clearance back there, which might not seem like much, but cables aren’t that thick really.



The fans have rather bright blue LEDs in them and of course you can turn the LEDs off if you want via the touch panel.

Here’s the top and side fans all lit up:



The one thing about having all of those fans is the dust factor, they can really suck in the dust and lint around your home especially in the winter months when the furnace is blowing everything around.

Here’s the picture from above of the side fans on and then here’s a picture after a couple weeks for comparison:



As you can see they’re covered in dust now, yuck, you’ll need to clean them often obviously.

Speaking of fans I should note that it’s nice to see Xclio provided fan grills on a majority of the fans. There are grills on the side, rear and top fans which is just excellent as those fans are the ones where a stray wire could get caught and you don’t want that to happen, it’s not nice.

The fans on high are very loud, but that’s kind of expected when you’ve got ten fans running on high speed. Thankfully you can just touch the panel and slow them down a bit to a more pleasantly audible level and still have good cooling for your system.

Here’s a couple pictures of the touch panel, the touch buttons are ringed with blue  to match the fans. I included two pictures to show you what they look like in the dark and then in the light, yes the LEDs are fairly bright.