GreenPuffer Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review

GreenPuffer Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Hey, hey!  I’m back
with another electronic cigarette kit for review from Smoke51 called the
GreenPuffer.  This kit includes two
batteries and two types of chargers, one is USB and the other is a standard AC
adapter style. The big difference with this kit compared to the others I’ve
already reviewed is that it’s not disposable, it’s a real electronic cigarette,
or at least as real as it gets. So read on…




Product Name: GreenPuffer
Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor:  Smoke51



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:


Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit


In order to make
everything easier for the user, we’ve created the Greenpuffer Starter Kit. This
Starter Kit is packaged in a gold foil embossed hard shell box with a magnetic
closure, and also includes a USB charger and USB wall adapter.


The GreenPuffer Kit


2 x  Greenpuffer Rechargeable Lithium Ion
‘Cigarette’ Batteries


5 x  Cartomizers (All-in-one Atomized Filters)


1 x  Wireless USB Charger


1 x Wall Adapter
for USB Charger


1 x Greenpuffer
Membership Card


1 x User Manual
Booklet (English)


Price: $159.95



A Better Look at Things



The kit comes in a very nice, heavy duty box.



The lid is held on with magnets, and when you open it you’ll find the
user manual and a ‘felt’ lined tray which has the batteries in it.


The tray just lifts out to reveal the cartomizers and chargers.



Here’s everything in the box. The cartomizers are combines atomizer and
nicotine cartridges. There are two batteries, one is small and the other is
larger so you can choose which size you prefer.



To charge the batteries you can use the little USB charger; it just
screws into the end.



The second charger is an AC adapter with a USB port on it like those
commonly found with cell phones.



The cartomizer screws into the battery.



On the end of both batteries you’ll find a textured appearance so it
looks like the ash on the end of a real cigarette. The end does light up red
when you puff on it.




Installation, Testing and Comparison


Here’s one of my cigarettes and the GreenPuffer battery and assembled
e-cig for comparison:



Here’s what the end looks like when in use:



I smoke menthols, but the kit I got for review was regular tobacco
flavored, but I struggled through it, didn’t enjoy it but I did what I had to
do. I would have rather had the menthol of course. I did smoke regular
cigarettes many, many years ago and the taste of these is similar to that,
reminds me why I don’t smoke them anymore.


The first thing I noticed is that they are very hard to puff or inhale
on; I mean very hard, you’ve really got to suck to get the smoke out of them.


The batteries seem to last more than long enough, 1-2 days, depending on
how much you smoke of course. I also found that when not in use the batteries
last a long time.


There is quite a bit of smoke or vapor when you inhale, a nice amount
actually. The throat hit is a bit harsh, but it could be that I’m not
accustomed to non-menthol, or not, who knows.


One thing nice about this kit is that each time you change out you’re
also changing the atomizer, it’s a cartomizer, both atomizer and nicotine
cartridge in one. Supposedly one cartomizer equals 1 ½ to 2 packs of
cigarettes. A pack contains five cartomizers and it costs $15 plus shipping so
we can conservatively say that that equals 10 packs of cigarettes, so $15+
isn’t too bad I guess.




Summary and Comments


The GreenPuffer is not a bad little kit; it has two batteries with it so
you won’t have to worry about re-charging.


The initial price of $169 is a bit of a shock, hopefully though the
batteries will last a long time, through many charging cycles.


It’s nice to see the dual charging solutions that come with it, you can
charge it right from your laptop via the USB port if need be.



DragonSteelMods gives the GreenPuffer Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit a
4 out of 5 score.





+Nice starter kit

+Two batteries included

+Dual charging options

+Low price for refills



-Very hard to puff







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