3 Apps that Can Help You with Your Business While on Vacation


Owners of small businesses would know how challenging it is to balance their time between work and personal life. Being a hands-on business owner entails great discipline, focus, and patience to continuously keep their businesses in a good shape. Many of them even spend the weekend and holidays in the office, trying to make sure that their businesses do not stall in their progress.

However, being a responsible business owner should not hinder you from taking a well-deserved vacation this summer season. With the help of technology, it is now possible to keep your business running even while you are out on a vacation. If you are part of the 40% of small business owners who struggle to find time for relaxation, then worry no more as there are a lot of mobile applications that you can use to help you in your business. Yes, you read it right. Mobile applications can now do the same tasks your common office tools do but with extra convenience. Sit down, relax, and download these three of the best mobile apps that will help you with your business while you are on a vacation.


1. FaxBurner

FaxBurner is an amazing office tool that can transform your iPhone, iPad, and e-mail account into a virtual fax machine. You don’t need to struggle to look for fax machines in the middle of your vacations anymore just to send and receive important fax messages.

Sending a fax using mobile devices will require a clear copy of the document in dark ink and natural light. Scanned copies will also work too but they are required to be set at 204 x 196 dpi resolution and 8.5 x 11 inches (letter) size. PDF files of up to 25MB are also supported by this mobile app.

When receiving, you may reserve your own fax number on the FaxBurner app or on your account and use it for 24 hours. Upgrading your account to premium gives you the option to keep your number permanently and to send and receive more fax messages every month.


2. Slack

In case you will need to contact your employees during your vacation, make sure to download Slack on your mobile devices. It can be launched using a browser and is also available as a standalone Windows app or as a mobile application.


Slack is a versatile tool that can be used to collaborate with your team in a virtual workplace. It allows your team to exchange messages in well-organized channels, transfer documents, make calls, and integrate other applications such as Google Drive to increase your team’s productivity. Get the Slack app now and start managing your team while away from home.


3. WiFi Map

Managing your business during a vacation heavily relies on a steady internet connection. Sometimes you will need to reply to an urgent e-mail message or complete a payment transaction immediately.

Depending on where you are going, buying a local SIM card and purchasing extra credits for an internet package can save you from trouble. You can also find cafes that offer free internet access to their customers. Fortunately, there is a mobile app called WiFi Map. It can help you locate free internet hotspots anywhere you are in the world. Stay connected with your company and clients even if you are out of town.