3 Helpful Battlefield 4 Cheats that will Help you Progress in the Game


If you are an avid player of Battlefield 4 or any other version of the Battlefield franchise, you probably have experienced being stuck on your current player level and have not progressed in a long while. This may be due to a fact that the level of competition in the game is getting better. But today, even if your skills as a shooter is exceptional, not using available cheats from different cheat sources can make you the weakest link among all players especially in multiplayer modes and even in single player missions. This is why using hacks like other players do is perhaps a great idea to finally kick your progress and skill up in the game.

Using hacks, however, might cost you another purchase of Battlefield 4 if you get detected by the game’s Anti-Cheat programs namely PunkBuster and FairFight. Luckily, there is a cheat web source for hacks written with advanced codes to stay undetected by PunkBuster and FairFight.  IWantCheats (IWC) is a cheat website offering multitudes of cheats for various games and one of them is Battlefield. IWC’s developers perfectly made the codes so that users remain invisible against anti-cheats while you just look like a skilled player to other gamers. For more details on this premium Battlefield 4 hack, visit https://www.iwantcheats.net/battlefield-4-hack/.

Among all available features in the game hack, there are some which stood out the most. Here are the top 3 most helpful Battlefield 4 cheats to help you progress in your game.


1. ESP

Basically, having extrasensory perception (ESP) in the game makes the game a whole lot more exciting. You always get to see enemies and react faster to immediately get the kill. With ESP hack, enemy nametags will be visible on sight along with their distance from you. Player health bars, their class, weapon, and much more will also be available for you to have the tactical advantage. This feature also enables you to have a sighting on multiple infantry and vehicle units. ESP essentially makes you a superhuman in the game.


2. Removals

Having blocked sight when a building collapses in the proximity? Well, this feature takes care of that. With this hack, obstacles such as fog, smoke, and other blockages can be removed to help you locate enemy units faster either up close or from a distance. No more sky and sun which distract you from taking the shot. Spreads, recoils, and sniper sways can be turned off with this feature. Have the advantage in dark locations where enemies show up fast by immediately getting a clean and headshot kill.


3. Aimbot

Cheat sources all have an aimbot feature which will help amateur gamers become the best sharpshooters in no time. Most of these, however, end up getting detected by the game developers. Best aimbot features in hack programs comprise of full aim assist target acquisition in a random manner to help you avoid getting tagged as a cheater. Having an aimbot levels you among the elite shooters in the game so you win most of the missions and level up faster. With an aimbot, you get a guaranteed hit on your opponent by just swinging around his bounds, even without actually targeting the character on the dot.