The Top 3 Rust Tips for Beginners


Rust is a multiplayer survival computer game currently being developed by Facepunch Studios for different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. It was originally introduced as a clone of DayZ, a popular mod (modification) for ARMA 2 in 2013 and has since sold millions of copies up to the present. Although the game is not yet completely developed, Rust has been receiving a number of positive reviews from video gaming critics for its creative concept and exciting gameplay. Rust is described by many video gamers as having a combination of DayZ and Minecraft elements.


After customizing your own character, the player begins with only a rock and a torch. Using the rock, players can gather resources to build items that they can use to craft more complex ones. The characters can be controlled to perform different tasks such as gathering food, clothing, stone, wood, ores, hunting animals, chopping trees, mining rocks, and building items and bases. The challenge is to keep your character alive by avoiding starvation, drowning, attacks, hypothermia, and exposure to radiation.


In the game, you may opt to team up with other players in a clan wherein raiding and looting tasks may be distributed and resources may be shared among yourselves. You may also engage in a combat with other players using crafted weapons and armors. With limited starting items and knowledge about the game, beginners may find it difficult to survive in the game early on. Fortunately, there are ways that they can do to keep in step with other players and to give their opponents a good fight. Check out these top 3 Rust tips for beginners and begin dominating the game.


1. Get the latest cheats, hacks, and bots.

The complete Rust Cheat package, which can be downloaded for a reasonable price at, features an advanced aimbot that can target animals, zombies, and other players at long ranges and various angles. It is fully adjustable and is equipped with bullet drop correction, prediction movement, and automatic target switching. Along with other exciting features such as always daytime mode and auto-gather, this high-performance Rust Cheat also features ESP which can track animals, zombies, players, and resources on the map.


2. Don’t stop gathering resources.

At the start of the game, you will be dropped into a spawn beach area where you will encounter a lot of newly created characters. Your first goal is to run away from the violent crowd and collect as many resources as you look for a safe hiding place. Hit trees and rock nodes for more resources and build your first spear, a stone hatchet or stone pickaxe. In hunting for food, start with the chickens as they are the easiest to find and to catch. Afterward, gather more resources and build your first shack. Collect more resources and craft your own clothing, gears, weapons, and much more.


3. Do not trust anyone.

While you should always be wary of zombies and high-threat animals such as bears and wolves, there are also other players which may try to raid your resources or to kill you. Avoid putting your full trust to people whom you have just met in the game. After a long while, you will be needing allies whom you can cooperate with or talk to through the in-game text and voice chat. A combination of learning new knowledge from your allies and reading on a lot of informative sites can help you master the game in no time.