6 Simple Ways of Generating Income for Your Upkeep

Entrepreneurship is an adventure anyone can try to create wealth from a young age. For college students, you can spend your free time starting a good business that might one day end up being a multi-billion company or find a good-paying job. There are many simple ideas of generating income that does not need massive capital. These ideas can also be lucrative depending on how smart and committed you are in running the business or working.

This blog post highlights some creative and easy ways to generate income for your upkeep and other expenses.

  1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is among the easiest ways you can make some money in college. If you are a fast writer and have your way with words, it is the best choice. You can search for companies that need writers for their content, brochures, blogs, and so on. You can even start your writing where you get an account and employ writers to work for you. Writing is a simple but rewarding way of generating some income while in school or at home.

  1. Become a Vlogger

In the current world, it has become easy to make money online in various ways. Vlogging is among the most lucrative ideas for making money online. Invest in a good camera and other tools and start making videos. If you have no money to buy a camera, don’t fret; simply use your phone to create videos of the things you love most. You can be a travel vlogger, food, fashion, educational content, etc. Be ready to work hard, especially while marketing yourself, since the more views and followers you have, the more money you make.

  1. Start a Lash Business

Yes, starting a lash business from home is a crazy but brilliant idea. Most makeup artists are a jack of all trades; you can instead focus on one aspect. Become a lash expert where people would prefer to come to you when they need lash extensions. You can spice this up by also learning how to do other makeup to offer both services. Also, you can even decide to focus on selling lashes. Order quality lashes from experienced producers and sell them to fashion houses, makeup artists, and your peers.

  1. Cleaning Services

You and your friends can come together and start a cleaning services business. In college, some people are too lazy or too busy to have time to clean their houses. You can start with them and grow into a big company that services residential and commercial buildings. During establishment, you and your friends can be doing everything, but as you expand, hire extra help and pay them on commission.

To grow the business further, you can include home improvement services like decor, landscaping, remodeling, among others.

  1. Become an Event Organizer

Becoming an event organizer in college is a great idea. College students like to have parties; you can be the turn-to person when someone needs a party organized. You can start with birthday parties, house parties, graduation parties, etc. since you are a college student yourself, you understand what your peers would love at a party. Ensure you also listen to what the host wants and integrate your ideas with them to create the greatest celebration.

Most event organizers started small and expanded their business into organizing high-class parties for celebrities.

  1. Become a Babysitter

Many parents are working more than one job, and they probably cannot afford a full-time nanny. You can fill this gap and become a babysitter. There are apps where people go to find babysitters or people to work various jobs. Create a profile for yourself and include the hours you will be free to avoid interference with your schoolwork. Becoming a babysitter needs you to have certain qualities that parents can trust.

Practice and read more about taking care of children so that you become the most preferred babysitter. You can have additional tools like toys, car seats, strollers, and so on. Some houses you go to will not have some of these items, so owning them will come in handy. Moreover, it will earn you more when you have these items as you can charge more when a parent lacks them.

  1. Create an App/Website

If you are a computer geek, why not create an app or website that will earn you money. If you have an idea of an app, you can create one that requires people to pay to use them or download it. If the app is functional and makes people’s work easier, it will blow up, and you might become rich. Also, some companies hire people to develop websites for them. These companies usually pay well, and it will be a great way of earning some income at school.


Generating income while in school is a great way of helping your parents cover some essential expenses that they may not be able to. Also, even if your parents can afford college, you need some money for yourself, and the best way to earn is either getting a job or starting your own business. Making money ideas are plenty and cannot be exhausted in one article, but this post has mentioned some of the easiest ways to generate some income.