7 Slot Machines with Best Payouts


Are you feeling lucky? As any veteran gambler will likely tell you, it is not always about luck, themes, particular features or promotional offers. Instead, betting on high RTP (Return to Player) rates is the way to go.

RTP refers to the percentage of money put in that is returned to the player. As such, the higher the RTP then, the higher your prospective earnings will be. Nobody likes losing their hard-earned cash, so we are always looking for ways to better our odds for winning.


RTP is one of these ways. With sufficient experience and quite a healthy dose of luck, you will get better at identifying those that you can potentially get the most out of. Now let us check out some of these slot machines that are likely to make your day!

Devil’s Delight (97.6 RTP)

According to New York Times, so many casinos are cropping up, meaning more games. For NetEnt, they meant business with this scorching hot slot game. It even features some seriously devilish characters such as an actual devil, monsters, and also the flipping grim reaper to mention but a few.

The biggest primary payout bonus that will give you the most substantial earnings is a play till you win type, and boy is it worth it! There is even the duly named Sin Spins bonus for which you will have to put in some serious time and efforts to be able to get it.

Once you have three or more Zodiac symbols, the free spins bonus will be activated. And that’s not the end of it, as the expanding wilds on reels two and three can let you have some significant wins.

Sheik Yer Money (98.20 RTP)

This theme is incredibly obvious, but it’s one excellent slot machine. With the significant amounts of wealth held by several sheikhs in the Middle East, it is basically teasing you with their riches.

Playing the big bet within Sheik Yer Money is one of this slot’s major selling points. This is because it has five linked spins, which come with the benefit of sticky lamps whose effect remains active throughout the Big Bet Play.

Starmania (Nextgen) – 97.87% RTP

With a sweet deal of 97.87% RTP, this slot is definitely worth giving a try. It is a colorful game set with an outer space backdrop. They went ahead and added a space soundtrack that makes it even more engaging and appealing to the senses.

Your chances at scoring winning combinations are increased by piling wilds onto the reels. Wins can also be paid in both directions since the game comes with 10 paylines.

There is an excellent opportunity to get some big wins via the free games feature with extra stacked wilds. And you can also use your winnings to gamble some more and get a chance to multiply your winnings 2, 3, or even four times over. All this is available with a 97.87% RTP.

Ooh-Aah Dracula (99% TRP)

According to the New York Times, casinos have slot games for both the young and the old. If you’re in the mood to suck some winnings, then try this awesome game.

With this slot game, you can find out if you have what it takes to risk it all and win big during the free spins. You can even unlock extra prizes in the game’s graveyard feature, which can be accessed through Dracula’s high roller feature.

With this game being a 5-reel, 10-line, Heart Attack Bonus, Super Graveyard Bonus, Graveyard Bonus, and video slot featuring Free Spins, you’ll be sure to find yourself going back for more. Its major features, which are worth noting include scattering symbols, free spins, and wild. It even has a sweet RTP coming in at 99%

Simsalbim (97.5% RTP)

Talk about pulling a rabbit out of a hat. These magic-themed slots will get you excited. You’ll notice symbols such as a dove within a cage, a chest wrapped in chains, top hat, and magician’s wand on the stage, setting the mood perfectly.

When you are in the play area, make sure you watch out for three rabbit symbols, which are typically located within the first three reels since they trigger a bonus game. The bonus takes the “pulling a rabbit out of a hat” theme further with cash prizes of up to fifty 500 coins to be won.

Mega Joker (up to 99% RTP)

According to Weekly Slot News, this one has an old school theme of the fruit type machine slots. Heck, it even offers all your favorite features from classic gameplay with mystery prizes, fruit and bell symbols, and five win lines.

And as if that’s not cool enough, the game even offers a whole 99% RTP, which places it among those holding the top spot. However, the 99% RTP has limited access.

It is only active where you are playing within the super-mode. This is an extra game that has a lot more bets and increased offers giving much higher payouts as compared to the base level game.

Blood Suckers (98% RTP)

According to the Wall Street Journal, slot machines could get super-smart. One of these games that’s here to stay is this vampire-themed one. There are quite a number of blood-sucking vampires gracing the reels with their presence. And unfortunately for them, there are also weapons to conquer them.

This game not only has its alluring 98% RTP working for it, but also a slew of unique features that make it all the more enjoyable. These include free spins with three times the payout, wild substitutions, vampire-slaying bonus game, and scatter pays.

Winning Big with High Payout Slot Games

It’s no wonder gambling is highly addictive! With games offering such insanely high payouts, there’s no way you’re missing out on these insanely fun games. If you’re interested in making real money from slots games, how about trying these games.

Most, actually all the above-mentioned slot machines will pay back over 90%. Besides, you’ll notice that online slots work in the same way as land-based slots. Slot Madness Casino is a great example of service that provides players with the full line slot games and nice bonuses. If you want to learn more about it, check out this review of Slot Madness Casino to see what they have. You’ll get to enjoy any of these games.

They’ve been in the game for over a decade now, and you can expect tons of slot games on offer. They have a history of amazing games, incredible bonuses, and a user-friendly website for players!