9 Surprising Facts About CBD Oil and Breast Cancer


Research on the connection between breast cancer and cannabinoids such as CBD have already shown that cannabis compounds are effective when used to fight the disease. CBD has also been proven to assist with some of the side effects that come with traditional forms of treating breast cancer. But before we take a look at the surprising facts about CBD oil and breast cancer, we should take a closer look at what CBD is, where it comes from and what it can do for you.


What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 100 different cannabinoids that are present in cannabis. The cannabis plant family contains many plants including hemp and marijuana. CBD is the predominant compound in hemp plants and THC is found in higher concentrations in the marijuana plant. THC is what produces the ‘high’ that people experience when using cannabis products that contain THC. However, CBD does not act the same way as THC as it does not have any psychoactive properties. In other words, CBD is like a decaffeinated THC.

Here are the facts about CBD oil and breast cancer that may surprise you.

1 – CBD Kills Cancer Cells

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) CBD “may inhibit tumor growth.” It does this by causing cancer cells to die, blocking their natural growth process and by blocking the development of blood vessels that cancer tumors rely on for growth. You could say that CBD attacks cancer cells in various ways halting their development and growth.

2 – CBD Doesn’t Harm Other Cells

The NCI says that CBD is effective in slowing down, reducing and eliminating cancer tumor growth. However, a study conducted with CBD that was injected into breast cancer cells that were estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative brought a new discovery. While CBD attacked the cancer cells and caused them to die, it did not touch the normal breast cells.

3 – CBD Stops Aggressive Forms of Breast Cancer

Metastatic breast cancer progress may be halted by CBD. Research has indicated that CBD interrupts the progress of the Id-1 gene which is believed to be responsible for the metastasizing of breast cancer. The report was made by ABC News which interviewed cancer and cannabidiol expert Dr. Manuel Guzman who stated that CBD targeted the gene.

4 – CBD Reduces Pain

Many have already turned to CBD oil for pain management purposes. It is because of this that cancer patients who are suffering from aches and pains brought on by inflammation of the joints or muscles will use CBD oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are what works here and that it can be applied directly to the problem area topically or injected under the tongue.

5 – CBD relieves Chemo Side Effects

One of the most troublesome side effects that come from chemotherapy sessions is nausea and vomiting. CBD oil has been found to help reduce the severity of these issues. It also brings relief to those who battle with neuropathic pain and swelling. Another unusual but interesting bonus for chemo patients is that CBD oil will help to prevent weight loss.

6 – CBD Is Available In Many Different Forms

CBD oil comes in different formats to suit your specific needs. You can just apply drops under your tongue for fast results or you can add the oil to food or drink. CBD oil also comes in capsule form so that it can be taken as a supplement. It is also available in spray form and can be inhaled as a vapor. CBD oil added to creams and gels can be applied directly to the skin.

7 – CBD May Help With Other Forms of Cancer

Because CBD and other cannabinoids are showing positive effects in fighting cancer cell growth and development, the National Cancer Institute sees big things on the horizon concerning CBD treatment for cancer patients. Studies have shown that cannabinoids may also be effective it stopping the growth of cancers of the colon, liver and non-small cells in the lungs.

8 – CBD Is Not Supported By All Doctors

Medical professionals are still somewhat hesitant to issue a lot of prescription cannabinoids. That is because doctors fear side effects which may include increased heart rate, dizziness, light-headedness and in some instances could negatively impact mental illness. The American Cancer Society agrees with this which means further research is needed to verify or deny these claims.

9 – CBD Is Legal, Or Not

To refer to the laws that surround the legality of CBD as confusing is an understatement. There is a complete process one must follow to be able to use the product. A doctor’s prescription is the most logical and safest way to go legally. In Canada, CBD falls under the Cannabis Act which technically makes it a controlled substance. Check your local laws first.

Can CBD Oil Be Harmful To You?

It is considered an all-natural remedy that comes from a plant. However, the specific amount of CBD in any given product is cause for concern. While CBD oil should not be harmful if used as it should be, as noted above, doctors have indicated that for some patients CBD oil use is not without side effects of some kind. It is entirely up to you if they are a problem for you. Looking for coupons for CBD oils? Stop by Couponkirin.com

In Conclusion

Breast cancer is a killer just as any other form of cancer can be. Thanks to studies and research, CBD oil is connected to breast cancer in a very different way. CBD oil can halt the spread of this and other cancers by destroying the cells that carry the cancer gene. This alone makes CBD and other cannabis products worth exploring further. For relief from chemotherapy to easing the pain and suffering that comes from cancer, CBD – or cannabidiol – has become a legitimate alternative treatment. With research ongoing and support of the NCI, it only makes sense that future cancer treatment programs will include a CBD or cannabis product component.