ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for HTC One Review




The ArmourDillo case comes in just a protective plastic bag. It’s a sturdy case so I don’t think it needs any real protection while shipping.

dillo1 dillo2


The case I got for review is black in color, solid black actually. The inside of the case is smooth and soft as it’s rubber. Actually the case is two different things, the inside is a TPU polymer and the outside is a polycarbonate plastic shell.



The back is bumpy and thick rubber to provide protection from bumps and drops.



The case does have a built-in stand so you can stand the phone up easily.

dillo5 dillo6


The ArmourDillo case comes in two parts actually, you can use the case with or without the back section. The case without the back section does have padding around it to protect the phone inside.



Here’s the inside view of the case and the back section or what they call the exoskeleton.