Baccarat How-Tos and Answers


Baccarat is, with Blackjack and Poker, possibly the most popular card games in the world today. Simple in structure, it is still quite complex in actual betting prowess. While chance rules Baccarat, analysis of pattern of play is necessary. It is important therefore to answer some crucial sensitive and questions openly.


In Baccarat Which Hand Value Is The Best?

Baccarat is a card game played with the Dealer dealing two cards each to the Player and the Banker. The main object of the Game is to place a bet on the Winning Hand (The Banker or The Player). A Third Option is also possible, though rare, : The Tie. The point value of the Hands (or, “Hand Value”) is calculated by addition of the face value of each card, for cards that are 2 to 9 inclusive. The balance of each suit of cards, meaning the 10, Jack, Queen and Kings have “zero” point value, while the Ace has “1” point value. Baccarat does not use Jokers. Next, hands are valued according to the units’ digit of the sum of their card constituent. Typically, a hand with 3 and 4 as the points are worth 7. But a Hand consisting of 5 and 8 is worth three. This is because the higher unit digit in the sum of combined points of the two cards are here 13. Judged by this method, the Hand value is nine (9) is the highest possible. The point value of both hands, The Player and The Banker, is counted at the end of play of each hand, and whosever’s point count is closer to Nine (9) is declared the Winner of that hand. So 9 is the best hand value in Baccarat.

Can You Cheat Baccarat?

Baccarat is generally not associated with cheating. In part, this is due to its genteel origins. More importantly, the order of the cards in the shoe determines the final result and the winner of the hand, while gamers don’t actually play the Game, only place bets on the side. Once the hand starts play, the possibility of cheating, or tampering, with the cards in the shoe is zero, and the shuffling of the cards, and the placement in the shoe, is done open to the public eyes. But cheating cases have begun to be caught, showing that it’s not just slot machines, poker , blackjack , craps, and roulettes, where cheating is big time. The cheating is done by a Dealer and an Accomplice working together. The Accomplice assemble a “Slug” of cards in a Baccarat Shoe, with at least 40 to 60 cards recorded in the order they are played.

What Are The Best Places To Play Baccarat

Baccarat has always been a genteel Casino game, featuring among the top gambling card games. But many potential gamblers have been excluded from play by reasons of gender and class discrimination. But online sites like Gclub-Casino have revolutionized the whole concept of how to play Baccarat and brought it to the homes of the Common Man. Another option is a sports betting that can be a perfect alternative to baccarat. Check out this extensive online sports betting guide from