Side-Effects of Yo-Yo Dieting on Your Muscles


Most people work out to gain more muscle weight. This helps one keep fit and maintain a perfect body shape. However, working out alone does not help you to add more muscles, and you have to put more emphasis on your diet. Poor dieting will either lead to an increase in weight as a result of fat or a loss of weight. Therefore, make sure that you consult your nutritionist on the amount, how often, and what meals that you should eat per day to attain your goal.


Everyone always wants to live a healthy life. Therefore, for one reason or another, we may be forced to go on a diet. Depending on your goals for dieting, there are several diets that one could select. Some of the nutrition plans available include paleo dieting, vegan dieting, South Beach dieting, and yo-yo dieting.

In this article, we are going to focus on yo-yo dieting. First and foremost, we need to have a full understanding of this type of dieting so that we can consider the impacts that it has on your body.

Yo-yo dieting got its name from the up and down movement made by yo-yos as they are used. For this reason, yo-yo dieting is at times referred to as weight cycling because an individual who had exercised and successfully shed some weight starts gaining the weight back.

The reason behind gaining weight could be because of returning to the diets you ate before weight loss, and this because one may experience fatigue as a result of starvation. Besides that, yo-yo dieting could deter the growth of your muscles and also make the gained muscles barely visible. Some of the negative impacts of yo-yo dieting on your muscles include the following.

Leads to Muscle Loss

Muscles are typically a result of working out. While working out, the primary source of energy is always carbohydrates. Therefore, failure to provide the body with sufficient carbohydrates will make it resort to other sources of energy like fats. However, you can counter muscle-loss by using products from Steroids Evo website that will supplement your diet and help maintain your lean weight.

Frequently practicing the weight cycle hurts your body’s metabolism, which will in turn result in muscle loss. This is because when the fats are unavailable or insufficient, it will lead to the destruction of muscles.

Increase in Weight

According to the research done by scientists, it has been proven that yo-yo dieting leads to an increase in body weight, which is a result of an increase in fat content in the body. The fat will make your muscles less visible.

The weight gained as a result of yo-yo dieting is long-term. This is because the body adapts to fat storage in preparation for the next starvation, so it won’t have low energy in the next cycle of fasting.


Yo-yo dieting has adverse effects on your muscles. Therefore, it is advisable to observe other dieting strategies that will lead to a gradual loss in body weight and an increase in muscle weight. Also, make sure that you follow proper eating habits. Apart from that, tracking your day-to-day progress from a mobile application could go a long way in helping you have healthy muscles.