Beginner’s Luck Theory Explained: The Greatest Slot Hack

Okay, beginner’s luck, we’ve all heard this expression and maybe even experienced it. So, what is it, well, it’s the greatest slot machine hack that works inside of online casinos.

First to understand this, we need to explain to you how the games are actually programmed. There are two different algorithms that dictate how the game is going to turn and if you win or lose.





How games are built to win and lose

The first algorithm is the ‘return to the player’ calculation, which is also referred to as the RTP. This is scored by a percentage which is indicated within the games details that can be called up by clicking the Game Information button.

The RTP for slot machines determine when the machine pays out based on the money invested by all the players who have accessed the same slot machine worldwide. When the RTP % reaches the correct amount, then it’s payday for one lucky player.

The second algorithm is the ‘random number generator’. The payout is completely random with this program. It uses number sequencing across two different generators to try and produce matching codes, rather like cracking a numbered padlock.

They are known as RNG machines, which are mainly used for virtual card games like video poker as well as blackjack and table games like roulette or craps. Although some developers like to use them on their slot machines because they are considered “fairer” and therefore make them a popular resource for players.


Looking at the overall factors

Before we share our advice, make sure you are using this technique in a platform that is fully licensed and regulated, such sites can be found here at that looks after Kiwi players, supplying them with legitimate sites from the web. Why these ones specifically? Because it comes down to the obligations these casinos have to clear their data cache when checking faults.

So, from what we know, the action of machines at an online casino is not influential during gameplay. There is no magic sequence to bet, despite people advising the Martingale technique and strategy is the best. What you are face with here, as a player, is a case of having to hack the game outside of the actual act of gaming.

What we also know is that games are linked to an internal management tool that stores all player data. It holds information on the games you play, what you have won and lost, how often you sign in, deposit and everything else.

Now, the game and management tool are in sync. Therefore, if the casino games can already predict how someone plays, the key is to remove this information.

The creation of the Beginner’s Luck theory is, thus, born.


Beginner’s luck’ every time

The best and only successful strategy is the theory of beginner’s luck. If you sign up at your new casino, you should ignore the offer of free betting bonuses or free spins for the moment. When you collect it, the system will add this data to the management tools memory to begin profiling you. Save your bonus offer until after your win.

If you get a high cash offer, the game algorithm calculates a percentage of what you can lose and it may take longer to make a profit. Deposit a maximum of $50. It’s the right amount to see how the plan works when betting.

Find the most popular titles in the menu area and start playing.

When you start to spend your coins, your first winning line must be made within the first 25 spins. So, on average $1 per round will save enough budget if the game requires several rounds. If you get a ‘BIG WINNER’ or a bonus, stop betting.

At this point, the algorithm does the math to recover the money. Check your balance and exit the game as soon as you know that the payment has been made to your member’s account.

Now follow these steps:

1. Subtract your earnings.

2. Request a bonus (optional).

3. Close the website or application.

4. Clear history, cookies and uninstall the application and the application file!

5. Stop playing for 20-30 days.

6. Reinstall the app or return to the online website.

7. Go to the next new game or another popular game.

8. Play with your deposited funds or bonuses.

9. Repeat the game and stop betting if you win a “BIG WINNER”.

10. Exit the game and repeat step 1. The chances of winning after the break are very high. Indeed, you delete data from the management tool and the casino must test and check their games every month to correct bugs, etc.

Stop playing if you win, you will inevitably lose at points. If you wish to play another game after a win, but it must be a title created by another developer. If you choose to do so, stop playing when your winnings decrease by 25%.

It works on all video slots. You can try virtual poker, blackjack, roulette, etc. This method occurs a good percentage of the time. This will help reduce the loss rate of your bets and increase the consumption of currency as you manage your game time with this hack.