DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone Review

DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone Review

This past week, I reviewed the HipCase DLO. Today I will be looking at another DLO case, the Jam Jacket for the iPhone. Most of the silicone cases on the market are basically a cover for the iPhone, this is a silicone case with a twist. The Jam Jacket has a neat feature called the integrated Heaphone Management System. Does it make the Jam Jacket the leader of the silicon case pack or will it be a hindrance. We will take a closer look at this feature and give an overview of the DLO Jam Jacket. Let’s get started…..

DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone

Reviewed by: Tomas Ratas

Sponsor: DLO – Digital Lifestyle Outfitters



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone

The DLO Jam Jacket with cord management is a superior, no-slip silicone case that adds a strong, gripable layer of protection to your iPhone. But protection is just the beginning – this high-quality, lint-free silicone features an integrated cord management for your headset, and adds a layer of color and personality to your iPhone. Perhaps most importantly, unlike other cases out there, it features the essential opening for the proximity sensor, so your iPhone will work as it was meant to without having to remove it from the Jam Jacket.

It’s a Wrap!

Tired of dealing with tangled cords and dangling earbuds? The integrated Headphone Management System on the back of the Jam Jacket allows you to neatly wrap your headset cord behind your iPhone, and safely stow your iPhone earbuds while not in use. When it’s time to talk, unwind only as much as you need – the handy side-notches will hold the cord in place, keeping the excess cable wrapped and out of your way.

Protection + Accessibility

Jam Jacket protects your iPhone’s body while providing an opening for the iPhone’s proximity sensor – meaning the Jam Jacket won’t interfere with your iPhone’s proper functionality like other cases that obscure the sensor. Of course, the Jam Jacket also has openings for to the volume control, camera lens and headset jack for total iPhone useability while its still protected in the Jam Jacket. And last but not least, you have full access to the iPhone dock connector, so you can use your favorite charger or auto accessory while keeping your iPhone protected.

Go ahead, slip the Jam Jacket onto your iPhone for superior protection and headset management in one unique case.

Quick Facts

  • * Superior quality, gripable silicone case for your iPhone
  • * Integrated Headset Management System secures cord and earbuds
  • * Total access to iPhone controls, proximity sensor, camera lens, touch-sensitive screen and bottom dock connector
  •  * Charge and sync your iPhone while keeping it protected in the Jam Jacket
  •  * Comfortable, form-fitting scratch and slip protection
  •  * Compatible with 4GB and 8GB iPhone
  •  * Available in Black, Blue, Pink and Frost