Earn 1,000 Amazon Coins for Free


Here’s a quick post I thought I’d share with you. Amazon is doing a memorial special where you can earn 1,000 Amazon coins for free. They have five Android apps you can get for free, they are Food Network in the Kitchen, iHeartRadio, Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop, Don’t Step on the White Tile and Dr Panda’s Restaurant and for each one you earn 200 coins for a total of 1,000. You don’t have to install the apps either, just leave them there in your account as I’m sure they’re not something everyone would want, but they are free so you aren’t losing anything. They’re still running the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas special too where you can earn 2,000 coins for purchasing it for $6.99. What I did was get the 1,000 coins for the free apps and then I used 699 of those coins to get GTA San Andreas and then I earned 2,000 coins, so it’s not a bad deal..

Appstore main page link: