iPod Retractable USB+Firewire Hotsync Cable Review


If you own an older generation iPod or have several iPods, then todays review may interest you.  Fourth generation and earlier iPods use either USB or Firwire cables to transfer songs and data and most all of them use the firewire cable to charge the iPod using either the AC adapter or directly to a powered firewire port. Carrying around both cables can be a pain.  Luckily USBGeek offers a combination cable to alleviate this dilemma.   Let’s get started…..

iPod Retractable USB+Firewire Hotsync Cable from USBGeek

Reviewed by: Tomas Ratas

Sponsor: USB Geek

Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

iPod Retractable USB+Firewire Hotsync Cable from USBGeek

Data HotSync and battery charging via USB/Firewire.

Specifications :

  • – Retractable FireWire and USB 2.0 Cable for charging and syncing iPod with Mac or Windows PC.
  • – Data transfer: Up to 480Mbps
  • – Color: iPod White
  • – Compatible with iPod Video, iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod Photo, iPod Click Wheel, iPod 3rd Generation, iPod 4th Generation and iPod with Dock Connector.
  • -Length : 10cm(min.) / 78cm(max.)


The cable is packaged on a plastic blister card. The cable is clearly seen with a black and white product card listing the specs of the product. No guessing what you are getting here.


The cable itself features three plugs: a firewire plug, USB plug and the iPod connector. In the middle are two larger plastic cable managers.



The cable manager retracts the cable when gently tugged from both ends and allows the cable to extend, when both sides of the cable are pulled forward.

Installation, Testing and Comparison

For testing, I will be using a iPod Video, an iPod nano and a fourth generation black and white iPod. For comparison, I will use the stock Apple firewire and USB cables to compare transfer speeds.


To test transfer speeds, I transferred a song, an album, and a video.

There was virtually no difference in speeds using the cable from USB Geek or the stock Apple cables.

Summary and Comments:

The iPod Retractable USB+Firewire Hotsync Cable is a useful product for whatever generation of iPod one owns. The retractable cords and the all in one solution of having a USB and firewire adapter makes this cable a must have for the iPod that is always on the go.

I wish the cords were a bit thicker and longer, but they need their current configuration, so that they easily retract and wind on the cable manager.

DragonSteelMods gives the iPod Retractable USB+Firewire Hotsync Cable a 4/5.


  • +Combination of Firewire/USB interface
  • +Compact and easily retractable wires


  • -Wire fragile compared to the Apple wires.
  • -Cords could be slightly longer.