KRAVE Disposable Electronic Cigarette Menthol Flavor Review

KRAVE Disposable Electronic Cigarette Menthol Flavor Review

See a pattern lately with the reviews? Yep I’ve got another
electronic cigarette for review, this time it’s another Krave but this one is
more of a mini kit that just a throw away like the last I reviewed. It’s just
called the Krave Disposable Electronic Cigarette and it comes in a pack that
resembles a real pack of cigarettes. I like this idea as it’s easier to carry
everything with you. It comes with four cartridges and a battery and atomizer
and when you’re done with it all you just throw it way. So read on to learn



Product Name: KRAVE
Disposable Electronic Cigarette – Menthol Flavor

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor:  Smoke51 / Vapor Corp



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:


Disposable Electronic Cigarette – Menthol Flavor


We know that not
everyone needs a full-time smoke or a full-time investment into one of our
Starter-Kits.  Perhaps you are just a
social smoker who wants that occasional cig’ when out on the town.  Thus, we present to you KRAVE – a disposable
electronic cigarette that will last you through your evening.  When you are all done, you just throw it
away.  And, did we mention that it comes
in a compact size package that cigarette smokers have grown to know well?


Each pack of KRAVE
Disposable Electronic Cigarettes contains:


* 1 x KRAVE
Pre-charged ‘Cigarette’ Battery

* 1 x Atomizer

* 4 x Flavored
Cartridge/Filters (KRAVE is only available in 14mg/Light Nicotine level)

* 1 x KRAVE
Electronic Cigarette Instructional Card


All of Smoke
Anywhere USA, Inc.’s Electronic Cigarette Products are free from Tobacco, Tar,
and the many other harmful ingredients found in traditional tobacco
cigarettes.  As such, our Electronic
Cigarettes produce no second-hand smoke, which allows you to enjoy your smoking
experience virtually anywhere.


Price: $ 29.95



A Better Look at Things



The version of the Krave disposable e-cigarette comes in a pack that
resembles real cigarettes. It’s like a mini-starter kit, but disposable. For
$25 you basically get four electronic cigarettes.



When you open it up you’ll see the cartridges in foil bubble style
packaging and the battery/atomizer wrapped in plastic off to the side. Taking
everything out you’ll also find a basic user manual.



Here’s a better look at the cartridges, each one has a cap and looking
inside you’ll see the actual cartridge or nicotine fluid.



It comes with a fake cartridge installed that you have to just slide off
to remove. The end is a gray plastic textured to look like ash, and it will
light reddish orange when in use. Removing the cover will reveal a metal part,
then looking inside you’ll see the actually atomizer or heating element.



That’s about it for what it all looks like.



Installation, Testing and Comparison


Here’s the Krave pack next to my normal pack of cigarettes, the Krave is
much larger.



Then here’s the actual Krave e-cigarette next to one of my regular ones:



As you can see I’m accustomed to smoking short cigarettes. The first
thing I noticed of course was the size difference, then the weight difference.
The Krave is much heavier, but it is mostly battery inside and metal and not
paper and tobacco.  The weight isn’t that
big of deal, the size for me is though, I don’t like large sized cigarettes and
never have.


Here are a couple pictures of the Krave in use to show the glowing
front. When you inhale it activate the atomizer and the end lights up to let
you know it’s working.


I ran into some problems with these. If you paid attention you’d have
noticed I got two packs of these for review.


I opened the first pack and started smoking, the battery died before I
even got through on cartridge. Not off to a good start at all. I know I
wouldn’t be happy if I paid $25 and had the battery die the same day before I
even got to use it.


Next problem, I opened up the second pack figured I’d give it a try.
Same thing here, I didn’t even get through one cartridge before the battery
died on me. Here’s where it gets kind of odd though. I tossed the packs aside
on my second desk and let them go, a couple weeks later I get another e-cig kit
for review. This kit has cartridges as well, and I thought they looked familiar
like the Krave disposable and though maybe I could use them with the new e-cig
kit. I dug them out and low and behold the second cigarette worked again, the
first one though was still dead. The cartridges didn’t work either with the new
kit, but as I said the second battery was now working on the Krave setup.


So I made it though one pack of cartridges, four of them with the
battery and it still seems to work. Not sure why it stopped working originally
and then all of the sudden worked. With that I would most certainly have to
question the quality of the products.


So I used them, or smoked them, whatever the case may be.


I found them to be fairly easy to puff or inhale, much easier than the
other Krave500 disposable that I reviewed not long ago. That’s a good thing I


I found one cartridge lasts about a day, so we can say one cartridge
equals one pack. I don’t know what the cartridges equal though as the Krave
site doesn’t specify this. If you do the math, four cartridges equal four
packs, let’s say $7 per pack is $28, and the Krave is $25. Price is close, but
you’re not getting the real smoke and you’re not getting the other junk that
goes with it either.


I can’t tell you how long the battery lasts either really, one died the
same day and so did the second one only to come back to life later. So overall
the battery experience is not a good one. The Krave site doesn’t mention either
as to what battery life should be. From what I’ve found the Krave / Smoke51
site is missing a lot of important information that prospective buys might want
to know about.


Next up is vapor production; it’s not that great at all. I found to get
a lot of smoke or vapor you’ve got to puff a few times before actually
inhaling. Puffing on it before inhaling is using up the cartridge and battery really,
so you’ll get less use from it overall I would think. You can’t just pick it up
and start smoking it sadly.


The taste I like, it’s a sweet menthol flavor, but not overly sweet.


The throat hit is almost non-existent, it’s pretty much like smoking a
light cigarette. So these would be good for people just trying out e-cigs.



Summary and Comments


The Krave Disposable Electronic Cigarette I have for review today isn’t
the greatest obviously. The reliability of the battery is very questionable


The fact that you’ve got to puff on it before actually inhaling is a bad
thing as well since you’re using the battery and cartridge and not actually
getting anything from it.


The size I don’t care for, but that’s a personal preference.


The flavor though I do like quite a bit.



DragonSteelMods gives the KRAVE Disposable Electronic Cigarette a 3.5
out of 5 score.





+Nice starter kit

+Package resembles real cigarettes

+Decent flavor




-Not quite reliable

-Bad battery life?!

-Not a lot of ‘smoke’

-Big in size







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