Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX 60mm Fan Review


Like other Noctua products the box for the fan is the same Noctua colors.

The box open on the front to reveal the fan and the silicone vibration bolts, the back opens as well to show the features more in depth.

noc60m1 noc60m2

 noc60m3 noc60m4


When you open the box you’ll find a clear plastic box which houses everything and an instruction manual.



Once you get everything unpackaged you’ll find quite a bit really. Included with the fan is two low noise adapters, regular screws, the silicone fasteners, an extension cable and a molex adapter.


 noc60m7 noc60m8

 noc60m9 noc60m10


The fan itself is the common Noctua beige and brown. The corners on both sides have silicone around the mounting holes to help keep vibrations down. The fan is 25mm thick, and it’s a 3-wire style.


 noc60m12 noc60m13


The blades and the inside of the fan are specially designed to promote better airflow while keeping the noise down.





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