Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX 60mm Fan Review

Installation and Usage


A 60mm fan isn’t exactly common for computer parts, but they can be found in many other tech things. My job was to find one to use for this review and I did, it just so happens my old blu-ray player (a Sony BDP-S301) that I gave to my kids to use has a 60mm fan in it for cooling. The fan in it isn’t exactly the quietest, but it works I guess, personally I’d rather have something more quiet so the Noctua 60mm will do just fine I think.



So I had to take the blu-ray player apart to get at the fan and I found that it uses a 2-pin style connector.



Luckily I had the 3-pin to 2-pin adapter left over from the Noctua 40mm fan that I recently reviewed here, which sort of works. I have to say I was a bit surprised that Noctua didn’t include similar adapters with this fan like it did with the 40mm fan.



Here’s the original and the Noctua 2-pin adapters next to each other, the larger one is the Noctua.



The new connector will fit but the plastic housing is a bit too big for the actual slot in the board, so I had to modify it a bit by removing some of the plastic from the board connection as it was easier than doing it to the actual connector.



I used the included silicone fasteners to mount the fan in the blu-ray player, I figured why not make it even more quiet right?!



Once I got it all installed I powered it on and it didn’t work, at least not at first, the fan apparently comes on when the blu-ray player gets warm enough. (I already knew this actually as I made sure by testing the original fan first) The fan worked perfectly as the original did.

The Noctua fan is much quieter than the original fan, which is what you want for something that’s in your home theater. Who wants to hear a fan whirring while they’re watching a movie right? I know I don’t.



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