OtterBox Commuter Series Glacier Case for HTC One @ Mobility Digest


I love my HTC One and I’ve gotten many cases for it for review, but the OtterBox Commuter Series case is the best of all of them. The latest is the Glacier color of the Commuter series cases and it really just accents the gray and white of the HTC One and of course it offers the same famous OtterBox protection. This case is bay far my favorite, no matter which case I get for review I always come back to this one, it’s just the best really…

Quote: "Today for review I have what I consider one of, if not, the best HTC One cases on the market today, the OtterBox Commuter series. This has become my favorite case and I’ve tested a lot of them. Yes I reviewed the Otterbox Defender series case for the HTC One little bit ago but while that’s a great case it’s just a little too bulky for my tastes. The Commuter series case on the other hand offers a similar level of protection but without all of the bulk. The Commuter series case is sleek and rather thin really so you don’t lose the svelte profile of the HTC One but yet it still protects it. This case includes covers for the microUSB and audio ports which I think is important as it keeps the dirt, dust and anything else out of them. The case comes in two parts, a soft silicone padded inner case and a hard outer shell and when combined offer excellent protection to absorb shocks and impacts and really protect the HTC One. Out of all the cases I have for the HTC One the OtterBox Commuter Series is the one that I always come back to. So read on…"