PS Vita Crystal Case Review

The PS Vita is the latest and greatest handheld device out there today and like all of them it’s not exactly what I would call durable. The first thing I did when I got mine was to order a case and screen protector for it as I want to protect my investment and have it last for a long while. Today for review our friends over at Mobile Fun have sent me over their PS Vita Crystal Case which is exactly as it sounds a crystal clear case for your Vita. It’s plastic or acrylic and it fits perfectly over the Vita but yet leaves all buttons and ports open for easy access. Read on…


Product Name:  PS Vita Crystal Case

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Sponsor:  Mobile Fun


 Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

PS Vita Crystal Case

The PS Vita Crystal Case is designed for those who want maximum protection for their PS Vita without compromising on functionality.

Unique design offers maximum protection

The Crystal Case is designed specifically for the PS Vita console and is easily fitted over and secured with molded clips. The case completely covers the console, protecting the front, back and sides of the console. Specialized cut outs allow easy access to the touch screen, reverse touch surface and all buttons and features.

Form fitting case ensures a perfect fit

Designed specifically for the PS Vita, this clamshell style crystal case holds firmly over your Vita and provides fantastic protection. Measuring only a couple of millimeters in thickness you can be sure that the case does not add to much bulk and the textured rear surface helps to provide a more comfortable and superior grip.

Specifically designed cutouts allow full functionality

Designed to clip easily to the console, the crystal case features specialized cutouts in order to support full functionality of the console whilst in the case. Volume controls, the charging port, headphone jack and camera are all fully accessible when inside the case meaning that you do not have to compromise protection of your device.

Reinforced acrylic frame

Manufactured from high density acrylic, the PS Vita Crystal Case is highly resistant to impact and scratch damage. Because the product is clear it allows you to show off the unique styling of the PS Vita console.


Price: £7.95 / $12.45

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The Review

So the PS Vita Crystal Case doesn’t come in any special packaging, it just had a clear plastic protector stuck around it.

Here’s my Vita with the case before I installed it:

As the name suggests the case is clear or crystal clear. Yes it’s plastic or acrylic and it’s very lightweight.


The case is hinged on the top where the power and volume buttons are.

To install the case on your PS Vita you just set it into the bottom half and close it, then on the bottom of the Vita, where the charging port is, you’ll snap it closed to secure the case to the Vita.

When the case is on the Vita it’s very much see-through as you can still see all of the Vita really. I like clear cases over colored ones for this exact reason, so you can still see the device. On the front all of the buttons, joysticks, camera and speakers are all cut-out for full access to them.

Here’s a couple closer views of the sides, the case comes right up to the screen but doesn’t cover it.


Here’s the top view where the power and volume buttons are. The hinges are where the power and volume up button is located making the buttons fairly hard to access honestly. The power button isn’t that big of a deal as you’re not using it that often, but the volume buttons, I would think, are used more often. If they would have made the holes just a little bit bigger then this wouldn’t have been an issue.

On the bottom the case allows you to access the charging port and headphone jack with no issues. There is no cut-out for the memory card slot but I don’t think it’s much of an issue as I don’t think people are constantly swapping memory cards. The card slot is accessible if you just flip down the locking section of the case so you don’t have to remove the case to access it.

The here’s the back of the Vita, the touch screen or panel here is fully accessible and there are textured finger grips here as well.

There’s not much more to say or show you as it’s just a clear case for your Vita. It should protect your Vita just fine from bumps and scratches while still being able to see it clearly and access everything.

Summary and Comments

For what it is the PS Vita Crystal Case from mobile Fun works just fine and the best part is that it’s inexpensive. The case offers an unimpeded view of the Vita and of course full access to all of the ports and buttons commonly used.

The case should be more than adequate to provide decent protection for your Vita. Before I got the Crystal Case for review I was using a black silicone case and I find I like the Crystal Case much better and I can see the Vita and I feel it offers more protection than the rubbery silicone one does.

DragonSteelMods gives the PS Vita Crystal Case a 4.5 out of 5 score.



  • +Full protection for PS Vita covering the top, bottom and sides
  • +Clear so you can still see the PS Vita
  • +Installation is fairly simple
  • +Cut-outs allow access to ports, buttons and cameras
  • +Does not add a lot of bulk
  • +Inexpensive


  • -Top buttons can be hard to press


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