Quick Review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


On March 10th Samsung revealed their long anticipated feature handset: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. Similar to their S6 predecessors, these smartphones come in both a flat and a curved screen version, both of which boast impressive specifications. Having taken into account the feedback from the earlier models and the competition from main competitors Apple, it is said that the S7 and S7 Edge have taken all the the best S6 features and improved on them.


The Review

Looking at the old and new models side by side, there seems little difference between the two, when actually a lot has changed, mainly internally to ensure it runs smoothly. Whether you blog, take pics, game, or watch films via your mobile, Samsung has attempted to enhance all its primary features to deliver fluid, instantaneous results.


Galaxy_S6_Edge s7edge


One of the main appeals of this phone is its 12 MP camera. Due to its highly sensitive nature, you can touch focus or manually adjust for a more professional feel, take panoramic shots, enjoy the crisp definition of auto HDR, and can film 9 MP quality videos. All this is then opened up on a large 5.1 or 5.5  inch high resolution screen depending on which model you pick; in short, it is the ideal piece of kit to own if you’re into photography and editing. Although not quite so hand sized anymore, the phablet design is still relatively easy to hold and navigate with one hand.


Its exceptional capacitive touch screen is also perfect for casual gamers due to the sheer size of the display you can interact with. Activities from well known brands allow players to savor a more responsive and immersive experience, meaning that the Red8s bonus will feel all the more satisfying in high definition. Furthermore, the inclusion of either the Snapdragon 820 or the 8890 Octa chip means you are guaranteed high performance, which eliminates gaming problems such a lagging.

Another great alteration to the device is the battery life, which has been much improved after the questionable life of the S6 and its Edge counterpart. Users can now expect longer usage times, more so if they opt for the ultra power save mode, though it does limit how much you can use your phone when this option is selected.


Despite the refinement between last years handset and this new one, the smartphone still feels awkward at times, especially with its physical home button still intact. The vast majority of touch phones now have removed physical buttons without having to sacrifice their fingerprint scanners, but Samsung has it remaining which seems quite unnecessary given the specs of the phone.


Summary and Comments

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) is pretty much the smartphone everyone has been waiting for, and will undoubtedly give Apple a moment to pause. The screen, processor, camera, and its functionality are second to none, and definitely deliver a multifaceted phone for the masses that is especially good for gaming, photography, and online viewings. However, it comes at a steep cost of approximately £639 ($905) or higher, depending on GB options. Furthermore, there are still niggling issues that could have easily been removed, such as the home button.



+State of the art processor

+Large curved screen

+Longer battery life

+Impressive camera



-Physical home button

-Awkward phablet size




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