Sharkoon FireGlider Mouse Review


Unboxing Continued


Here’s a closer view of the front for you:



The left side of the Fireglider has two buttons for forward and back but they can be re-programmed via the software that’s included. One of the side buttons is smooth while the other is dotted so you can easily tell them apart just by feel.



The left side also has a rather large rubber grip surface.



The right side of the mouse is basically smooth, not much to see.



Here’s the bottom of the FireGlider where you can see the five mouse feet, the laser sensor and the weight compartment.



The removes by twisting it and pulling it off, there you’ll find the weight pack which just pops out fairly easily.

fire16 fire17


There are seven weights in the pack and they have rubbed in the centers of them to hold them in place.

fire18 fire19

The max weight of the mouse is 135 grams and the minimum weight is 118 grams.


The cable is the thick braided style and it’s 1.8m or close to six feet long and it ends with a gold plated USB connector.