Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad Review

For all intents and purposes the iPad is a mini computer equivalent to a netbook in terms of power use. Now imagine trying to charge a netbook from a USB cable; its not going to happen. Thus the iPad which DOES charge via USB connection needs something with some more power than a standard USB source. Apple provides a 10 Watt AC adapter to juice up the iPad, however many PC USB ports do not have enough power to charge the iPad up.

So how does one charge their iPad if they are on the go? Today we will look at the Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad from USB Fever which provides one such solution. This tiny device features a high powered USB port to provide charging power from within your vehicle. Since this connector feeds more juice than the standard iPod/iPhone charger, it is not recommended to use it for those devices unless you want to possibly blow them out.


Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad (5V, 2100mA)

Reviewed by: Tomas Ratas

Sponsor: USBFever

Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad (5V, 2100mA)

Product Code#:UFAD001736


  • -Use your car cigarette socket to charge iPad
  • -Short circuits protection
  • – Designed for iPad and other High Power USB Gadgets


  • -Input: 12V – 24V
  • -Output: 5V / 2100mA
  • – Size22.5 (dia)x 43 mm

This accessories can charge the following device: – Apple iPad

Options: Color
Package Contents:

-Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad (5V, 2100mA) x 1

Packaging:- Polybag

– You may use this charger to charge your iPhone / iPod, but as its output is very high, it may cause damage to your iPhone / iPod, therefore it is not recommended this charger to charge your iPhone / iPod. If you would like one for iPhone / iPad / iPod, you may consider
this charger instead

A Better Look at Things

The Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad comes in a plastic baggy. The unit is composed of black plastic and is bullet shaped. It measures 22.5 (diameter)x 43 mm (length). At the back end is a USB connector labeled 2.1 A to remind the user that this is a higher powered USB connector. Below the USB connector is an LED light.

According to the USBFever website it features short circuit protection. The input for the charger is 12V-24V and output is 5V / 2100mA.

Installation, Testing and Comparison:

Use of the Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad is self-explanatory, just plug it into a vehicles’ cigarette lighter aka DC power connector. Once the device is receiving power its LED will glow green.

I tested it with my iPad 3G and it easily provided charging power while I was in my car driving around town. Since the iPad takes a few hours to charge you may just use the Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad for intermittent recharges unless you are planning a long road trip.

My one issue with the device is due to its low profile it barely sticks out of the cigarette lighter; so if your receptacle is recessed such the one in my Accord, pulling out the car charger becomes a bit of a hassle.

Summary and Commetns:

If you use your iPad frequently and commute by vehicle then the Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad is a handy device to keep in your automobile. It is small enough to stow away in a glove compartment without taking up any space and provides power for your iPad on the go.

The Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad is worth the small investment to keep your iPad fully juiced up.

DragonSteelMods gives the Super Compact USB Car Charger for iPad a 5 out of 5 score.


  • +Small
  • +Simple to use
  • +Affordable


  • -May be hard to pull out in recessedcigarette lighter receptacles

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