The Future of Bingo


Bingo has long-since been a pastime enjoyed by many. It’s fast-paced, fun and sociable. However, there was a time it was considered only for the unemployed or retired – but since the advent of online bingo, it can now be enjoyed by anyone, whatever their demographic and with games running 24/7, at any time of day. While bingo halls have seen a decline, the rise of online bingo has surged. But what further changes can we see and what does the future of bingo hold?



Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality gaming has already been introduced, with the ability to buy headsets and packages to play video games from the comfort of your living room. Surely it won’t be too long before we see VR introduced to casinos and bingo halls – and maybe their online counterparts? As we’ve already discussed, bingo has universal appeal and has already seen some dramatic changes over the years, so not only would the use of VR in bingo appeal to that younger demographic, it would be another bold step in trying to attract new players, too.

The use of VR would provide players with a totally immersive experience while holding on to that sociable aspect, which is the reason many choose to play. Whether you enjoy playing at a dedicated bingo hall or prefer the comfort and convenience of playing at home, playing VR bingo would offer the best of both worlds – with those who prefer the latter getting to fully experience a bingo hall from their living rooms.

Different variations

There’s no doubting that bingo is sociable and makes for a good night out with friends, so a genius somewhere has managed to combine the two. Bongo’s Bingo is a fairly-new craze which has swept the country, combining the classic game with the party atmosphere of a night out. Think neon lights, disco tunes, plenty of prizes and a lively atmosphere. On the back of that craze, creating themed evenings for nostalgic purposes (think retro TV and film bingo, with music or even clips played alongside the games), could also be a good idea – and given the popularity of brunch with millennials, we think a bingo brunch would be popular. Thinking up new ideas that will appeal to this particular group of people will surely increase its popularity further.

Alternatively, if we refer back to online bingo, the introduction of new games and maybe even skill-based games is something that could be on the horizon. When playing bingo online, there are a limited number of games (think 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball) and the premise is always very much the same – a ball is drawn, you daub it off, make a pattern and bingo. So, what about if bingo tournaments were set up? For example, surrender tournaments, with only the best or quickest players going through in each round, culminating in a final?

Ditch the Lingo

Despite several attempts to update the bingo lingo to keep with the times, some of the calls are still archaic or have no real meaning behind them. While it’s great that the lingo was modernised, to bridge the gap and get younger people into bingo, we think it would be better off just ditching it altogether. With the rate in which modern slang is changing, it would prove impossible to keep up and constantly change calls to fit in with society. Gen Z slang terms are just too confusing – and could well alienate a whole group of bingo-goers, particularly the ‘bread-and-butter’ of bingo halls.