Top Gaming Tech of 2015



Whilst computer games once used to be the preserve of bulky consoles and desktop computers, now there’s an increasingly diverse range of ways that we can keep ourselves entertained.

And key amongst these developments is the huge array of mobile phones and tablets that offer fantastic processing power and amazing visuals that should satisfy even the most ardent gamer.

Smartphone gaming

Key amongst the Android smartphones for gaming has to be the Samsung S6. Although it’s not exactly cheap, the mobile device offers a hefty 5.1 inch AMOLED screen delivering vibrant colors and it will do a great job of rendering graphics-intensive games such as The Room Two that uses rich atmospherics to deliver the clever and mysterious storyline.

But Apple fans are not be outdone as the new iPhone 6s offers a truly phenomenal processing power that will undoubtedly please those who demand a glitch-free playing experience. Seeing as the Incredible Hulk has to be the best online casino game of 2015 as a result of its crystal clear graphics and addictive gameplay, the iPhone’s ease of use and larger screen would be more than well-suited to such an enticing playing option.


Tablet options


Many mobile gamers are increasingly making the switch to tablets for their gaming entertainment. And once again, Apple have delivered a top of the line tablet with the Apple iPad Air 2 that not only looks spectacular, but can also handle graphically intense games such as Infinity Blade III that more importantly haven’t yet been released for Android devices.

That’s not to say that Android tablets are exactly short of gaming titles, and the HTC-made Google Nexus 9 offers a fantastic amount of processing power that’s more than ready to handle any gaming style that you throw at it, and the beautiful graphics on the Monument Valley puzzle game look particularly dazzling on this stylish device.


Gaming hardware


Of course, it’s not just the playing devices, but the external hardware that can really excite the advanced gamer. Anybody with an interest in social gaming should relish the prospect of playing with a Corsair Vengeance H2100 wireless gaming headset that offers state-of-the-art Dolby sonics with a handy mic so you can let your competitors know what you really think about their playing style.

And finally, whilst virtual reality might not have broken through as many had expected in 2015, Oculus Rift still looks set to transform that way that we play games, and with highly-anticipated titles such as No Man’s Sky expected to be created for the device, it looks like our gaming futures may finally be here.