Vizo Sleet Chipset Coolers


For any computer enthusiast heat is a well known enemy, be it overclocking or just making sure you have a nice stable, cool system. Most video cards, motherboards etc have heatsinks on the needed chips but some don’t for whatever reason, be it to cut costs in production or they just felt it didn’t need it. For review today I have the Vizo Sleet Chipset Coolers, these are tiny heatsinks made to be added to those important chips that are without them, or to replace oem heatsinks that just aren’t that great. The Sleet Chipset Coolers are all copper and they are made very well. Read on to check them out….


Vizo Sleet Chipset Coolers

Reviewed by: Kristofer Brozio AkA Dracos

Sponsor: Vizo


Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Models: CPS-22 l CPS-12

Vizo Sleet Chipset Cooler

Copper Chipset Cooler


VIZO present the innovative cooling model. This high-performance memory cooling kit keeps your DDR or DDR II memory cool and prevents damage to system, especially in an over-clocked environment. Best of all, user can install it easily with the user-friendly design.


High Conductivity Thermal Pad

One-piece copper structure for superior heat conductivity

Higher fin ratio and thinner fin thickness to speed up thermal dissipation

Dissipate BGA/RAM chipset heat improving its graphic performance

Avoid system crash caused by chipset overheat

Meet User-friendly Design

Compatible with all standard SDR/DDR/DDR II memory modules

Efficient size and Easy to install

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Dimension : Base: 22mm x 10mm, Height: 9mm

Material: Pure Copper

Qty: 8pcs


Dimension : Base: 12mm x 10mm, Height: 9mm

Material: Pure Copper

Qty: 8pcs

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A Better Look at Things


The packaging is the plastic clamshell, but only half actually, the back side is cardboard. The front half of the plastic is fused to the cardboard backing, making it fairly easy to open. You can plainly see the Copper Chipset Coolers through the packaging and they do look really cool, and nice and shiny!

The back of both packages has the description, specs and features listed as all good packaging should.


If you didn’t notice already Vizo sent me two sizes of chipset coolers, or heatsinks. They are small, compact and have thermal transfer tape pre-applied to their base, so they are all ready to be installed with ease. They look small but they are surprisingly heavy for their size.


I’ve included a US Quarter for a size comparison in the following two pictures.


The Vizo Sleet Chipset Coolers seem very well made, I did find a couple tiny scraps of copper left stuck in between the fins but that can be expected with an mass production product like this so it is forgivable, other than that they are very well made and seem to be high quality.

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Installation, Testing and Comparison

As I mentioned earlier the installation process is made easier by the pre-applied thermal tape, just peel and stick essentially. I recently pulled my motherboard to re-install my liquid cooling system so it was a great time to apply the Vizo Sleet Chipset Coolers to where they might be needed. I used the larger size for my motherboard chips.

Surprisingly my BFG 7900GT OC video card did not have any heatsinks on the ram, I found this to be quite odd for an overclocked card. So I figured this would be the perfect spot for the smaller of the Vizo Chipset Coolers.


I really didn’t like the stock cooling on the BFG 7900GT, it was just a bit too loud for my tastes so I installed my Thermalright V-1 Ultra VGA cooler as well, in the next picture you can see the Vizo chipset coolers on the video card installed.

Well there’s really not much more to say about these, but being they are copper we know they will conduct heat much better than having none or using aluminum heatsinks. Pulling the heat away from any chipset or single chip is what we want to do, the idea is to make things cooler and these will do that for you and your components.

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What can I say really, from past experience I know that Vizo makes some excellent products and again we see this is the case. I’ve seen quite a few various forms of heatsinks in my time and these are some of the best of them all. Any system can do nothing but benefit from the addition of the Vizo Sleet Chipset Coolers to it’s hot chips, by adding these to your system you are essentially ensuring stability and a longer life for your components. If you are an overclocker then these would be highly beneficial to your overclocking adventures. If you are not an overclocker or even an enthusiast, your system will still benefit from these Chipset Coolers.

DragonSteelMods gives the Vizo Sleet Chipset Coolers a 5 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.

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-Very well made

-Easy to use

-Keeps things cool



I would like to thank Vizo for the chance to review the Sleet Chipset Coolers and for their continued support of DSM.

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