What are the Reasons to Play Rummy?


Although the true origins of rummy are somewhat murky, it is generally accepted to have conquian origin and arrived in India some two centuries ago. Not many games can claim to have survived two centuries, let alone flourished; but with millions of people playing rummy in their houses, online portals, clubs and even on their mobiles, one can say rummy has beaten all odds.

What is so special about rummy that places it above several card games? What is that enticing proposition about game that pulls a lot of rummy players closer to it? It is a question that bugs many of game experts. This post is an exercise answering it.

The Curiosity

To those of rational persuasion, that moment when you look at your cards and figure out what to do – your moment is rummy. As with the adage “watch every step”, every move of ours plays a vital role in rummy. The game keeps us occupied most of the time and pushes us to the edge of the seat pondering about the cards that could turn up next. The curiosity factor adds a layer of charm to the game.

The risk

Who doesn’t take risks in life? Even you are passive, time and circumstances force you to take risks. We all get that guts when it matters the most. Rummy is one game where you will have to take chances on more than one occasions. It’s not a game that is designed for machines. The chaos and unpredictability of playing rummy against other players are what that lends that uniqueness to the game.

The thrill

It doesn’t matter if you are a calculative player or a player that relies mostly on instincts; there’s a thrill to playing rummy that you can’t find anywhere else. You can feel the buzz during the flip of a card or during the time the turn comes to you. Whether you walk home victoriously or leave the table scrambling with the leftovers, there is no question of you getting not thrilled.

The money

You may play for the thrill; you may play for fun; you may play to get entertained, but nothing comes to close to playing with real money. Have you tried playing rummy without cash? Sure it will be entertaining, but would you get that adrenaline rush or that euphoria without money involved – it’s highly debatable! If you are eliminating money, you are surely evading defeat/risk but also remember you are dodging that victorious moment which sends an exhilarating vibe all over your body

The fun

One can sit and speculate for hours together about the popularity of Indian rummy today, but ultimately all of them turn pale in the face of one well-established fact – Rummy game is super fun to play. Though it may appear as over-simplistic, pause and think for a minute – If it didn’t have that inherent quality to be exciting, it wouldn’t have lasted so long, and we wouldn’t be here trying to quantify its appeal

There you have – these are the plausible reasons we could come up with on why rummy game remains relevant till date as a timeless classic. Which of these reasons you find is pulling you to the rummy table? Or is there any other reason that we missed. Feel free to let us know by adding a comment below. To experience online rummy to the fullest visit deccanrummy.com or play the game in your mobile phones using deccan rummy mobile app.