Review of Wrike Project Management App for Android


Work, work, work, that’s all we do. Not fun, but it’s something we have to do for sure. There are things out there that make work easier and even quite possibly a bit more fun in the process. Wrike has what they call a project management app for Android that you can use with your tablet or phone to make it easier for everyone on your team to collaborate on projects that you might be working on. I didn’t know who Wrike was so I visited their site and found out that many big companies rely on their services like Paypal, MTV, Adobe and HTC, just to name a few, so they’re not just a little company.

Biostar Intros iDEQ-T1 series mini PC


I like mini computers, I think they’re great for most people really. I think the majority of people out there use their computers for browsing the internet, checking social stuff and emails and banking and shopping and that’s about it. …

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