Tuff-Luv E-volve Tuff-Shell 10 inch Case Video Review

Today I have another video review for you of the E-Volve Tuff-Shell case from Tuff-Luv, it can be used for ultrabooks, tablets or netbooks up to ten inches in size. The case has a hard shell but inside it’s padded to protect your device. Read on to learn more…



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Tuff-Luv E-volve Tuff-Shell 10 inch Case

With a high-tech look and solid protection, the Tuff-Shell is as attractive as it is durable. The exterior hard shell is made from a super-strong yet lightweight EVA hard shell that will absorb shocks and prevent damage if your netbook is dropped or crushed. A durable double-zip with molded pullers makes it quick and easy to get access to your netbook, while the interior padding and zipper lip will prevent scratches to your netbook when it’s not in use. The case is designed to accommodate almost all netbooks and even provides enough room for those netbooks where the battery sticks out a little.

This case is ideal for business and casual use and can be carried on its own or to protect your netbook inside another bag such as a rucksack or suitcase.

Key Features
– Ultra-tuff EVA hard shell protects netbooks from damage
– Splash-proof exterior protect against rain and spills
– Soft interior padding prevents scratches and absorbs shocks
– Double-zipper with molded pullers
– Interior lip prevents zip scratches

External Dimensions (cm): 25.5 x 21 x 4.5
Internal Dimensions (cm): 24 x 20 x 2
Fits Laptops/Netbooks up to: 10.2″
Case Material: EVA Shell with Padding

Price: $25.00 from Amazon at time of review



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