5 Tips to Installing the Best Antivirus Software on Your PC


The importance of an antivirus for your computer is undeniable. A computer that runs without the right protection sets itself to inevitable doom. With viruses and malwares now getting stronger and more sophisticated for having outlived many earlier antivirus programs ad considering that they continue to evolve, protection for your computer must also be upgraded. This means finding the best antivirus in the market today and using it to your advantage.

While there are so many big names in antivirus software product available in the market today, there are a few things you can do to determine what is best for you and your device. Here are some tips.


1. Identify Your Operating System

The first consideration in choosing an antivirus software is its compatibility with your PC’s operating system. If you are planning to make a switch any time in the future, then you need to assess whether using the software you have now is smart or wait for a change in OS.


2. Determine Your Computer Activity

The use of your computer pretty much determines the level of protection that you need. Heavy surfers and gamers definitely need more protection that those who only use their computer for basic purposes. The frequency of use is also a factor and must be considered.


3. Get the Latest Update

Whichever manufacturer it comes from, you need to make sure that you get the most recent update of that software. Past features and protection layers may have been outgrown by new viruses and malwares and will prove defenseless at the end. Software updates to antivirus are necessary to cope with computer threat’s evolution and innovation, so you stay protected. Look also for any added feature that may break the tie among software with the same offerings.


4. Check for Certifications

Check your antivirus scanner fare against major certification and testing agencies including ICSA Labs, VB100%, Checkmark, NSS Labs, AV- Comparatives, and AV- Test. The right antivirus for your must be listed in most, if not all these agencies.


5. Detect and test

If you have narrowed your list to 2 or 3 software choice, it is time for testing. First is detection, determine how each of them perform in virus, malware, and other problem detection. The ones with the highest number of detections and the fastest prove to be a better choice. As well, the performance must be consistent across different testing devices. Then, proceed to test your choice in your pc and see how it works. If not, then replace it right away.

Layers of protection are important so your data, information, and hardware are safe from the effects of viruses. This is why investing in an excellent and top- performing antivirus software is a must. Do not go for crack versions and fakes, or you will just encounter more problem in the future. Also, make sure to either update or replace your software regularly to ensure that you are protected at all times.