DeskPets TankBot Review

Installation and Testing


The TankBot can be used just as it is but it’s more fun being able to control it I think.

It does have three modes, two of which aren’t remote controlled.

The first mode is called Maze Mode where the TankBot can avoid things placed in front of it. You can create a maze out of boxes, shoes or whatever and the sensors will help the TankBot avoid anything placed in front of it. I did notice that the things placed in front of it must be fairly tall. I was using on my desk and it couldn’t ‘see’ my keyboard and kept hitting it, but it was fine with taller things.

The second mode is called Personality Mode where the TankBot just does its own thing, it dances and spins around and just tries to be funny I guess.  I do have a video of Personality mode for you, but it’s also showing that the TankBot works great on carpets as well.



The third mode is Remote Control and Battle Mode in one. If you have more than one TankBot you can battle each other. To use remote control mode you can use it with either an iOS device or Android device so it works with both, which is nice as you’re not limited to just one.

I don’t have an Android phone phone anymore but I do have tablets and it works with a tablet but the transmitter doesn’t really stay in place well, so it’s not the best option I think.

I also have an iPod Touch 4th gen and that’s what I used the TankBot with the most. Here’s the iPod Touch with the transmitter attached and the TankBot app running:



To get started you need to download the app and I found a couple of them on iTunes.

tank14 tank15 tank17 tank13

The second app if a bit more fancy I think:

tank16 tank20 tank19 tank18

Both apps work well but I think I like the one with the Stop button on it.


Controlling the TankBot is rather tricky as you must be pointing directly at it for it to be able to respond to your commands. It takes awhile to get accustomed to using it and just finding the right angle. It is infrared so it’s not exactly 1:1 response ratio, there is a slight delay from when you push a button to when the TankBot responds.