Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 with USB

Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 with USB

I travel with my laptop, a lot. Sometimes, I need to carry an outlet strip to attach AC powered peripheral devices. Of course such a device takes up more room in my laptop bag than I desire. Luckily, this next product is a terrific solution to the bulky outlet problem.

At the recent Pepcom Digital Experience show, I was given a few review samples. One of these samples is the Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 USB, it's a portable power strip for the PC user on the go. If you are running multiple AC powered devices and are pressed for outlets, this ultra portable power strip is the one for you. The best part of this power strip is the addition of a USB port on the side, it allows you to charge any USB powered device without having to plug into the AC outlets. After taking the Outlets To Go 3 USB on the road for a few days, it is time to give my impressions.

Let’s see if this is the perfect solution for the tech road warrior…





Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 with USB

Reviewed by: Tomas Ratas

Sponsor: Monster Cable



Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 with USB

-Compact Design

-3 Ultra-Wide Space Outlets

-USB Charging Port

-Dual side design maximizes outlets space, minimizes bulk.

-Ultra compact design to fit into luggage and briefcases.

-Extra-wide spaces outlets easily fit bulky AC adapters.


Compact, Light, Convenient AC Outlets for Travel

Frequent travelers see the problem often: Not enough outlets in a hotel room, the meeting suite, or presentation room. Ordinary power strips are bulky, cumbersome things, with thick dangling cords and boxy dimensions that make carrying them in a thin laptop case or small travel bag almost impossible.

Ultra-Compact Outlets To Go 3 is Slips Neatly Into ANY Laptop Case

Designed for travel from the ground up, the award-winning Monster design team created a truly portable outlet strip: Outlets To Go. Exclusive Monster features include ultra-flat design with FlatProfile™ Plug and FlatWrap™ Cord for neat and compact storage. Outlets To Go 3 USB is so light and thin, you'll take it everywhere! Better yet, the space-saving 3-outlet Dual-Side design with extra-wide spaced outlets prevents bulky AC adapters from blocking free outlets.

Safety and Peace of Mind for Travelers

If there is one thing more frustrating than checking into a hotel after a long day, searching for AC outlets and then finding just one lone socket at the base of a lamp, it's the anxiety of not knowing if this will happen tonight! With Outlets To Go 3 USB you'll always have enough outlets to charge and power all your electronics. You'll have peace of mind knowing that all your portable devices are safe and ready to use, day and night.

(Editor's Note: There is no product link as this product is not on the Monster website yet, and there is no pricing as of publishing)

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A Better Look at Things


The Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 USB Power Strip arrives in a plastic bubble package. The power strip is located on the right side of the package and on the left is the features list in English, French and Spanish. On the back of the package is a paragraph explaining the utility of the Outlet To Go Power Strip.




Once removed from the packaging, the power strip is primarily black with silver outlet ports.




Outlets To Go 3 USB is printed on the front and Monster Power is on the back.



The power cord ingeniously plugs into the farthest outlet using the FlatWrap Cord Management System to make this a compact and easy to carry outlet. On the side opposite the cords origin is a USB port.


The top of the Outlets To Go 3 USB has two outlet plugs and the back side a single plug.


The power cable measures 15 inches in length and uses Monster Power’s FlatProfile Power Cable. The Plug is a right angle plug, allowing it to fit into tight outlet spaces.


Installation, Testing and Comparison

Installation involves plugging the Outlets To Go 3 USB into the wall outlet. Once plugged in the plug lights up the Monster Power logo in blue.


The ultra wide spaced outlet allows even the biggest plugs to be placed next to each other into the Outlets To Go 3 USB.


Plugging in three devices into the Outlets To Go 3 USB causes the outlet to sit on its side. The


USB port is farthest away from the other outlets to keep that device from getting tangled with the other AC powered ones.



The Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 USB works as any other standard outlet strip, the difference is the form it functions in. The Outlets To Go 3 USB is ingeniously designed to not only provide three outlets on one small portable strip, but is able to fit three large plugs and charge a USB device. It is lightweight and really portable, making it the perfect power outlet for the tech users on the go.

DragonSteelMods gives the Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 USB a 5 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.

score5-5 score-reco


-Portable Outlet

-Three Ultra Wide Spaced Outlets

-USB Charging Port

-Cord Management System



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I would like to thank Monster Cable for the chance to review the Monster Cable Outlets To Go 3 USB and for their support of DSM.