Review of Kingwin EZ-Clone USI-2535CLU3 One Click Clone Adapter for Hard Drives


Testing and Usage


When you plug in and power on the EZ-Clone the Clone button lights up blue and one of the LEDs will light up red to let you know a drive is connected to it. The red LEDs also blink to indicate HDD activity just like your computer would. In he pictures below I connected an SATA drive in the left picture and an IDE drive in the right picture.

king17 king18


The EZ-Cone can be used for much more than just a cloning device, it’s an external drive as well over USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. It comes with a USB 3.0 cable but it is compatible with the USB 2.0.

I used a Seagate 7200.12 1TB hard drive for testing as I was curious as to the speeds and I used the ever popular ATTO Disk Benchmark. I tested with the drive connected to the standard SATA connection, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and speeds were decent overall. As excepted no surprises here, worked fine.

atto-sata atto usb2 usb3


The thing I found interesting about using it as an external drive is the fact that you can connect more than one drive and they will be recognized in Windows over USB. If you connect two drives you’ll see two drives and be able to access them right in Windows.

To use the clone function you just need to connect two drive, the source and target. I used a couple of spare 2.5” drives, an 80gb and a 120gb that I wasn’t using for anything. The clone process is simple, connect the drives, power it one and then hold the Clone button down for at least 5 seconds and the process will start. The cloning process is just like that of DOS or Windows or something like Acronis that I always use. You can clone the same sized or different sized drives, smaller to larger of course.

king19 king20


When the process starts the percentage LEDs will light up blue, actually they blink or scroll across from 25% up to 100% to indicate it’s working, but as the process completes the percentage LED will light up solid and then when it’s down all of the LEDs will be solid. When it’s done you just turn off the EZ-Clone and you’re ready to go.

king21 king22



The process does take time and it took about 38 minutes total for the cloning process to complete. The time seems about the same as it would when I used Acronis but I didn’t have to open the computer up, connect the drives, and load Acronis, so in reality it’s much easier and a shorter process as there are not as many steps required.

I looked on Amazon and the lowest price I could find was a little over $30 and it’s well worth it for that price.