USB Micro Drive for M2- MicroSD- MMC micro Review


A Better Look at Things

The Micro Drive from Brando WorkShop comes in an easy open plastic clamshell where the Micro Drive is displayed prominently on the front with all the specs, features and basic instructions listed on the back.


The only thing that comes in the package is the Micro Drive itself, and looking at it I don’t see anywhere to put my memory cards in… no slots, hmmm… It does have a neat little keychain/lanyard attached to it though with little plastic memory cards attached…


One thing nice to see is that the lid is actually attached to the case, every USB drive should be made this way in my opinion, I hate losing those caps! On the back of the drive I found a little orange button, hmm what does that do?


The little orange button actually releases the card reader from it’s protective housing, this thing is just plain cool in my opinion, no little doors to open up and possibly break off, no slots where the card can possibly fall out of, and your memory cards are protected.

One side of the Micro Drive has a slot for Microsd and MMC micro cards and the other is where the M2 cards fit in.



The Micro Drive is made of very tough plastic so it seems to be very durable, and the little string attached to it seems tough as well, I did pull on it fairly hard and it didn’t break.