DeskPets TankBot Review

I love gadgets and toys so naturally I enjoy reviewing them. Today for review I have the Desk Pets TankBot which is a little tiny remote controlled tank that you can use on your desk to pass the time. Seriously though the TankBot can be controlled with either Android or iOS devices making it versatile for sure. The TankBot has three modes actually, two of which are autonomous and the third is the remote control mode where you control what the TankBot does via your chosen device. So read on to learn more and check out a quick video I have for you as well..


DeskPets TankBot App Controlled Micro Robotic Tank Review

Author: Kristofer Brozio



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DeskPets TankBot App Controlled Micro Robotic Tank – Green

Race on the track or off-road with the green Tankbot remote-controlled tank from Desk Pets – featuring advanced optical navigation technology. Works with iPhone and Android handsets.

Three control modes demonstrate Tankbot’s unique features
Tankbot isn’t your ordinary remote controlled tank. Featuring advanced optical navigation technology, Tankbot can drive effortlessly around any environment without constantly bumping into things. Three different control modes demonstrate it’s incredible abilities. The first is the touch less navigation mode, where Tankbot will drive around avoiding objects or even navigating mazes.

The second mode lets Tankbot roam freely, going where it wants with flashing lights and sound making it seem to have a mind of it’s own. The final mode utilizes the iDeskPet Universal Remote to let you manually control Tankbot from your phone. You can use this mode to do time-trials round an obstacle course, bump into people’s ankles or just make sure your Tankbot keeps up with you while you walk.

Cute design and light-up eyes with sounds give Tankbot a personality of it’s own
From it’s bright, expressive eyes to the tiny tire tracks, Tankbot has been designed to appeal. You’ll instantly fall for your Tankbot, as it beeps and whirrs it’s way around your home or office. Tankbot is the pet you’ve always wanted, but didn’t want to clean up after.

iDeskPet Universal Remote works with iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and most Android phones
Unlike Bluetooth remote-controlled vehicles that can suffer from interference, Tankbot uses the iDeskPet Universal Remote that plugs into your headphone jack to provide an uninterrupted connection between Tankbot and your phone. The remote is compatible with all models of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as most Android smartphones. A free universal application is available on the App Store and Android Market. Each color of Tankbot runs on a different frequency, so you can have races or just let them play together without worrying about crossed connections.

Flip-out USB connector lets you charge at home, at school or at work
On the back of Tankbot can be found a flip-out USB connector that lets you instantly and easily connect to a USB power source. This means you can charge anywhere you can find a computer, with 40 minutes of charge resulting in 15 minutes of play.
Please note: The Tankbot is useable without a mobile phone, but requires an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device to use the remote control features.
Price: $39.99


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